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A successful idea begins by laying a solid foundation. In this day and age, entrepreneurs are looking for new income alternatives, especially those that are easy enough to allow them to be flexible, work remotely, and at low cost. Luckily, here you have found a fresh and innovative solution to generate more income. FREE Tokens to start!

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How It Works

Starting your own business services with little to no-investment doesn't have to be a huge task. If you have a personal computer, a mobile phone or a tablet and a desktop printer or copier, you can immediately use our market-ready proven tools!


Start by downloading our FREE applications and learn them by watching our video tutorials.

When necessary, change the settings to enable and tailor the data fields required by your project's specifications (no programming skills needed).

Next, you will be ready to add new records, create or select a design, and enter the necessary information into our desktop app. You can upload or capture a photo, as well as a signature when required.


Advertise and offer your identifications, business cards, or certificates printing services.

Not sure where to begin?

Why not start with nearby libraries, local churches, hospitals, sports teams, organizations, clubs with VIP memberships, security officers, schools, fitness clubs, or other corporations?

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to who you can provide your services to. So, start offering printing services around you!


There is no need to hire graphic designers as our desktop app comes equipped with a built-in designer that allows you to create designs from scratch, import image files, or modify existing designs.

Use your current color printer, color copier or PVC printer to provide samples.

Tokens will give you the ability to print and get new designs.

In addition, you can use our Android companion app to capture data, picture or signatures at any remote location.


Streamline your payment process and effortlessly bill your clients for your deliverables.

Your clients can easily prepay you through a variety of online payment systems, like Wise, Venmo, Paypal, CashApp, Zelle, or any other preferred method. Once payment is received, you can complete their orders.

With just five simple steps, you can establish and grow your very own business.

Don't hesitate any longer, take action and join us NOW!

Unleash your Windows © computer's investment to power your own business!

With unlimited local Database creation, optionally linking to external MySQL databases and up to 30+ user-definable fields, data collections can be fully tailored to suit any client needs. Validation rules, default values and pre-populated information can be set within the software for any of the numeric and alphanumeric fields.

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Your mobile device has quickly become the easiest portal into capturing images and data!

Using our distributable Android app and connecting to an external MySQL database, you or your clients can easily capture and input images and data to be used for printing designs. With the mobile application, you can take this business anywhere!

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Additional Designs

A well-designed card reflects the amount of personalization and effort an organization places into their branding. It makes them stand out from a sea filled with competition. Available are well-designed business collections of attractive designs tailored for printing professional identification cards. Add a logo and modify desired fields or text in our design editor. Voila!

Design #60

75 Tokens

Vertical Design Red/White - SMWUH

Design #97

75 Tokens

Blue Mix Horizontal mode

Design #59

75 Tokens

Vertical Design Blue Sparks - SMWUH

Design #85

75 Tokens

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